Route no. 1

Băile Tuşnad – Turnul Apor – Dealul Ludmilla – Băile Tuşnad


  • Marking: red dot
  • Route length: 50 min – 1 hour
  • Distance: 1,5 km.
  • Level difference: 68 m.

The shortest, easiest route, advisable for all ages. It is the first marked trail from Baile Tusnad.

The tourist route starts in the middle of town, in front of the tour desk. Goes to Hotel O3ZONE, then walks to Voinţa Street, next to Veverita Coffee Shop, balneary polyclinic, Mikes and Apor springs and reaches the edge of the forest. This is where the paved street ends, the trail continues on a well-traced path. After about 10 minutes, the traces marked with a red dot and a red cross split. The last one climbs to St. Ana’s Lake, the first one turns left and continues on the slope of Surduc almost horizontally. After approx. 10 minutes appears Apor Tower (at the altitude of 701 m). After the belvedere, the road turns first to the right, then to the left, bypassing the springs of a small creek. On the small valley descends a path that leads to the resort near Ciucas Hotel. 15-20 minutes from the Apo Tower we reach a small bank with banks. From here, after about 100 m to the west, we reach the Ludmilla Belvedere. (725 m).

The way back to the resort is actually a wide street with houses, new chalets, ending behind Ciucas Hotel, on Voinţei Street.

Route no. 2

Băile Tuşnad – Lacul Ciucaş – Stânca Şoimilor


  • Marking: red triangle.
  • Route length: 1 to 2 hours.
  • Distance: 2.5 km.
  • Difference level: 189 m.

Route recommended for trained tourists with appropriate physical condition. It is contraindicated for patients with heart, circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism and other joint diseases.

The route starts from the central car park, crosses the national road and goes up to Ciuc. After 170 m descends on Ciucas Street, to the left, crosses the railway line, then, parallel to its route reaches the Olt Bridge. For the first part there is also the option to descend to Ciucas lake on the stairs behind the Catholic church. Passing through the Olt bridge, the road turns bifurcate. We can reach the camp and the mofet. Towards the right continues the marked red-triangle path to the Rocks of the Falcons. It passes through a small slop, and climbs the forest road leading to the Carpitus Career. The mark, after only 25 meters, leaves the road, crosses the brook of Corbului and climbs 18 serpentines on the steep slope of the Rocks of Falcons.

After a 25-30-minute climb, the forest rises and reaches behind a smaller cliff at the southern end of the Falcon Rock. Slightly to the right we leave the trail and after about 10 m we climb carefully on a steep slope and suddenly we wake up on a cliff. But we have not yet reached our goal, which is already seen to the left (north). After this little bypass we turn back on the marked red triangle, we go 3-4 minutes north until we finally reach the gray rocks. We have reached the Rocks of the Falcons, having a cross on the top, a reminder for those too bold! Below us there is a 200 m gap, from which we can admire the view of the stadium, the Olt gorge and the massive Ciomatul

Routes no. 3. and no. 3 / A

Băile Tuşnad – Cabana Lacul Sfânta Ana


  • Marking: red cross to the cottage, blue triangle on the Great Smoky.
  • Route length: for climb 3-3 1/2 h, for descending 2-2 1/2 h
  • Distance: 6km.
  • Difference level: 54 m.

The shortest, easiest route, advisable for all ages. It is the first marked trail from Baile Tusnad.

Most tourists choose this very difficult, steep route, unaware that there are other easy ways to go, which require less muscle and lungs for the tourist to reach the same goal: St. Ana Lake. The route is only recommended for those with excellent physical condition. Winter is almost impracticable due to the danger of slipping, with an important danger of “acquiring” unwanted memories in the form of fractures of the hands and feet. And during the summer it is recommended to use the trail only for descending to Baile Tusnad.

On the right-hand side of the Comloş stream, the red crossed path enters the trail consisting of not less than 32 serpentines. The route starts from the place described on Route no. 1. From the point where the two routes are separated, the trail marked with a red cross ascends 3.2 km through very tight serpentines to the saddle between Ciomatul Mare and Ciomatul Mic, from the 656 m altitude at which the Baile Tusnad resort is up to at an altitude of 1210 m. The trail passes through a thick forest of firs, then beech trees. The first place of rest is in the small lawn of the saddle, where our route meets the route that goes up from the Citadel, marked with a blue line. Leaving the glade we enter again into the woods, moving a major portion almost horizontally. On the ridge – on the edge of the crater – with a panel mounted on the trunk of a giant beech, we are alerted to the existence of the blue triangle alternative path which, with a 30-minute detour, takes us to the Great Cemetery (1301 m). The hunting trail – sometimes very difficult – climbs among the big cliffs. The last portion is a wider road that rises steeply at the peak through the thick forest of fir trees. The peak follows a stretch of road through a rare phagy forest. If we go back from the escalation of the peak, the road goes down continuously to the slopes of Mohoş, to the waters between Tinovul Mohoş and St. Anne’s Lake, to the hut (1065 m) and to the camping.

Routes no. 4 and 4 / A

Băile Tuşnad – Vf. Cetăţii – Cabana Sfânta Ana – Muchia Lacului – Bixad


  • Marking: blue line; blue dot up to the Citadel
  • Route length: climb 4-5 h, descent 3 1 / 2-4 h.
  • Distance: 14 km.
  • Difference level: 560 m.

The route is recommended for those with good physical condition. Practically all year.

The route starts from the center of Baile Tusnad resort, from the central parking lot. The blue line marking follows the road to the gas station, where it climbs to the right of “Cantina No. 5” in ruins today. On the edge of the forest begins the path that climbs along the edge of the Citadel Streets among the lanes. After a steep climb of 45 minutes we reach a bifurcation, where we follow the left path, the marked path. After another 15 minutes we reach the edge of the Peak Peak Plateau on the old road that climbs it.

Here, on the blue-marked tourist path, the path marked with a blue dot (Route No. 4 / A) is descending to the left, which we can reach Cetate within 15 minutes. After we return to the saddle, we continue on the path marked with a blue line. After 150 m on the left we meet the road that goes up from the Tisa stream. Next we go up through the old forest to the south, in the saddle between the summits of Ciomata. After 8-10 minutes the trail crosses the Cetăţii brook and it heads to the southeast. The climb is steeper and the most difficult part is between Surduc and the Great Ciumat. The trail reaches the slopes of the saddle between the peaks, where it meets the trail marked with a red cross coming from Băile Tuşnad. From here, the two paths have the same route to St. Anne’s Chalet. We cross the camp and continue on the crater’s edge along a path that climbs smoothly. After 15 minutes (1 km) we reach the edge of the forest, where we cope 90 ° to the right. Here, on the Muchia Lake, we enjoy a rare vista to the south. We continue the road through the woods, where we meet the path that goes up from the Unio Motel in Bixad, marked with a blue cross. After 20 minutes we go out again from the forest, and on the right bank of the Alsótó stream, on the open field we continue on the road to Bixad.

Route no. 5

Pârâul Vârghiş – Poiana Mohoş – Cabana Sfânta Ana


  • Marking: yellow triangle
  • Route length: ascending 2 h, downhill 1 1/2 h.
  • Distance: 5.5 km.
  • Difference level: 420 m.

Recommended route for all seasons, for all age groups.

At the north exit of the Băile Tuşnad resort, after 1.25 km – to Miercurea Ciuc – on the right a forest road covered by poplars, the forest road Vârghiş. A good portion of the road is also practicable by car. After 1.2 km the road crosses the valley of the stream, and after another 750-800 m, the Haramul Mare forest road, which goes up to the valley of the Veress stream, leaves on its left. From the fork to the right, the yellow triangle trail reaches 250 m in a small clearing. At the edge of it there is a small hunting retreat.

Those who drive by car can leave their vehicle here. The trail climbs to the left, up in the wet forest on the western slope of Mount Mohoş and Haramul Herbos. After 15 minutes we reach an elongated clearing, after which, after another 15 minutes of walking through the woods, we go on another lawn where there are serious chances to meet deer or deer. The fir forest leaves the phagas and right and left we meet a series of paths. We climb the marked path to the saddle between the Mohoş peak and the Great Smoky Mountain. From here, the trail descends to Tinovul Mohoş where it joins the route marked with a red dot. From here the Santa Ana Chalet is 1.5 km away. The trail climbs on the edge of Tinov Mohoş, then crosses the slopes of Mohoş and finally we arrive at St. Anne’s Chalet.