Therapeutic Massage

130 RON

Relaxing muscles, relieving stress, increasing body alertness, improving circulation and releasing toxins.
Bubble Bath

 60 RON

Relaxing bath based on aromatic salts with pure water and a hydromassage of the whole body.
Reumaflex Bath

60 RON

Herbal bath for rheumatic pain and joint relaxation.
Milk and Honey Luxury Bath

90 RON

Bath with milk and honey for a velvety, radiant skin. An ancient and modern pampering - a hot bath with milk whose acid exfoliates the skin gently, natural honey moisturizes and the hydro massage relaxes the muscles in depth, increasing the benefits of the heel.

Massage contraindications

  1. Malignant tumors, regardless of location - under 5 years, the oncologist's opinion is needed
  2. Leukemia,
  3. Hemophilia
  4. On areas with skin-cellulitis, furunculi, phlegm
  5. On areas with recent fractures, Severe osteoporosis
  6. In the area with voluminous inferior limb varicose veins, superficial thrombophlebitis, deep thrombophlebitis, post-thrombotic syndrome
  7. In feverish states
  8. Skin malformations - on eczema, skin eruptions, on areas with recent burnS
  9. In recent vascular accidents (under 6 months)
  10. Recent myocardial infarction (under 6 months)
  11. Recent pulmonary embolism (under 6 months)
  12. treatment with anticoagulant (Sintrom, Heparina, etc.

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