Equilibrum Hydratation

110 RON

Treatment of Gerovital Equilibrium based on hyaluronic acid regenerates the tissues, blurs the fine and deep lines, the skin becomes younger, lighter and healthier.
Anti-Aging and Lifting

130 RON

The anti-age complex has a geriatric effect on the skin, preventing and alleviating signs of aging of mature and dry skin. Perfect adjunct for mature skin with a restructuring effect and instant lift.

Massage contraindications

  1. Malignant tumors, regardless of location - under 5 years, the oncologist's opinion is needed
  2. Leukemia,
  3. Hemophilia
  4. On areas with skin-cellulitis, furunculi, phlegm
  5. On areas with recent fractures, Severe osteoporosis
  6. In the area with voluminous inferior limb varicose veins, superficial thrombophlebitis, deep thrombophlebitis, post-thrombotic syndrome
  7. In feverish states
  8. Skin malformations - on eczema, skin eruptions, on areas with recent burnS
  9. In recent vascular accidents (under 6 months)
  10. Recent myocardial infarction (under 6 months)
  11. Recent pulmonary embolism (under 6 months)
  12. treatment with anticoagulant (Sintrom, Heparina, etc.)

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